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13: The Musical brings fresh verve to familiar teen archetypes

Vince Kanasoot (The Georgia Straight)   |   Oct. 2, 2017

"...the perfect vehicle to showcase an impressive array of local teenage talents who individually and collectively deliver outstanding performances."

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13: The Musical

Jo Ledingham   |   Oct. 2, 2017

"By far the most outstanding aspect of this production... is the enthusiasm, energy and amazingly polished professionalism – to say nothing of perseverance – of this cast of nineteen teenagers"

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"It hits the ground running with an opening number that bursts with adolescent energy, sharp humour and catchy music."

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Adam Abrams (Vancouver Musicals)   |   Sept. 30, 2017

“13, The Musical” a treat packed with teen talent
Fame: The Musical has talent to spare

Mark Robins (Vancouver Presents)   |   Aug. 13, 2016

"With only a handful accepted into the P.A. each year from thousands of applicants, this group of students are supposed to be the best at what they do.  Fortunately, there is enough talent on stage to make us believe that to be true."

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Glorious “FAME” explodes with energy and talent

Adam Abrams (Vancouver Musicals)   |   Aug. 16, 2016

"The bottom line is: this is an amazing production and deserves to sell out every show."

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Theatre review: Fame a sensitive update of the famous musical

Erika Thorkelson (Vancouver Sun)   |   Aug. 14, 2016

"If we can manage to keep some of this talent in town, the Bring on Tomorrow production of Fame bodes well for the future of musical theatre in Vancouver."

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"In addition to the anthemic title song, the show features some other good musical numbers. And whether in solos, duos or ensemble, the talented cast delivers with style… the three kids who put together a band—Erik Gow (Schlomo), Michelle Creber (Lambchops) and Gabriel Brown (Goody)—do some terrific work.​"

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Jerry Wasserman (Vancouver Plays)   |   Aug. 2016

Theatre Review, FAME: The Musical
Middays With Jody Vance -
Colleen Winton and Michelle Creber

Jody Vance   |   Dec. 22, 2017

Colleen Winton & Michelle Creber discuss Bring on Tomorrow's production of Little Women and navigating the entertainment industry as a woman.

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Mother, daughter team make connection with Little Women

Violetta Kryak   |   Dec. 22, 2017

"Both mother and daughter say working together and character dynamics of the play were very straightforward because they already have a close connection"

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Gillis, MacLean in post-Christmas production of Little Women

Janis Cleugh   |   Dec. 12, 2017

"'It’s someone’s actual life and the bond between the sisters is amazing. The book is written so beautifully but the musical has that extra special feeling, too.'"

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Real life mother-daughter duo star in Little Women

CBC News   |   Dec. 27, 2017

Michelle Creber, and her mother Monique Creber, on playing Jo March and mother Marmee in a musical theatre adaptation of Little Women.

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"There’s a hidden gem shining brightly at the Kay Meek Centre in West Vancouver. And it’s worth making the trek through the rain and snow to experience this wonderful holiday treat."

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Vince Kanasoot   |   Dec. 28, 2017

Theatre Review: Little Women shines bright with talent and heart
“Little Women: The Musical”
is Astonishing!

Katherine Matlashewski   |   Jan. 19, 2018

"Wonderfully conducted by Michael Creber, the musicians highlighted the magic of the plot and brought Jason Howland’s music to life."

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Louisa May Alcott’s Heartfelt Tale of Four Sisters Inspires Anew in Beloved Musical Adaption for Families of All Ages

Anita Neufeld   |   Dec. 29, 2017

"Although I have read the book many times, the musical version of the story...was new to me.

I enjoyed the cheerful musical score, lyrics and voice talents of the actors."


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"Best. Musical. Ever... I’ve never had that full-body shiver listening to the cast of a musical sing on-stage in Vancouver before, only in NYC. Kudos to Monique for helping facilitate such stellar musical performances. And to Michael for the music!! Incredible production, across the board!"

Michael Bean (Biz Studio)   |   Oct. 8, 2017

Best. Musical. Ever.
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